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6th Grade ELA

These quests will take your students to the edges of a new Island! They will get to meet Caska, pictured to the right. They will have to work with the people of the village and mer-people to help resolve the village of conflict. 

The quests are listed in order of the story. They are designed for standard mastery so each quest covers different topics under each standard. To follow the story, the quests must be completed in order.


6.2 Reading & Writing Process: Students will use a variety of recursive reading and writing processes.

6.3 Critical Reading and Writing: Students will apply critical thinking skills to reading and writing.

6.4 Vocabulary: Students will expand their working vocabularies to effectively communicate and understand texts.

6.5 Language: Students will apply knowledge of grammar and rhetorical style to reading and writing.

6.6 Research: Students will engage in inquiry to acquire, refine, and share knowledge.

6.7 Multimodal Literacies: Students will acquire, refine, and share knowledge through a variety of written, oral, visual, digital, non-verbal, and interactive texts.

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