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7th Grade Social Studies

For this set of quests, the student will be introduced to new friends, and the chief of Ridoan. They will have to navigate unknown territory,  fight poisonous frogs, and try to save the land from corruption. There will be secret tunnels, huge spiders, and a web to untangle themselves out of. 

The quests are listed in order of the story. They are designed for standard mastery so each quest covers different topics under each standard. To follow the story, the quests must be completed in order.

ruined lands (2).jpg

Standard 1: The student will analyze data from a geographic perspective using the skills and tools of geography.

Standard 2: The student will analyze the physical systems of the major regions of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Standard 3: The student will identify the characteristics, distribution and demographic patterns of human populations and systems of the Eastern Hemisphere.

Standard 4: The student will analyze the interactions of humans and their environment in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Standard 5: The student will compare common physical and human characteristics of regions which create identity or uniqueness and influence people’s perceptions of the Eastern Hemisphere.

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