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Algebra I

Students will have to find memory shards

and decode the visions that they see in an

effort to decode the messages of Ky, the great mage. They must work otgether with the team

in the story to complete their mission and 

 restore the tower. 

The quests are listed in order of the story. They are designed for standard mastery so each quest covers different topics under each standard. To follow the story, the quests must be completed in order.

carrying haden.jpg

A1.N.1 Extend the understanding of number and operations to include square roots and cube roots.

A1.D.1 Display, describe, and compare data. For linear relationships, make predictions and assess the reliability of those predictions

A1.D.2 Calculate probabilities and apply probability concepts.

A1.A.1 Represent and solve mathematical and real-world problems using linear equations, absolute value equations, and systems of equations; interpret solutions in the original context.

A1.A.2 Represent and solve real-world and mathematical problems using linear inequalities, compound inequalities and systems of linear inequalities; interpret solutions in the original context.

A1.A.3 Generate equivalent algebraic expressions and use algebraic properties to evaluate expressions and arithmetic and geometric sequences.

A1.A.4 Analyze mathematical change involving linear equations in real-world and mathematical problems.

A1.F.1 Understand functions as descriptions of covariation (how related quantities vary together) in real-world and mathematical problems.

A1.F.2 Recognize functions and understand that families of functions are characterized by their rate of change.

A1.F.3 Represent functions in multiple ways and use the representation to interpret real-world and mathematical problems.

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