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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be free for the kids?  And available after October 1?

Yes, Classcraft is free and will be available for all students 3rd-12th grade no matter when they enroll. 

Is Classcraft mobile friendly?

Yes, Classcraft has a mobile app.

Will Classcraft be integrated to Mastery Connect?

Yes, you will be able to link Mastery Connect into a task. However, this may just be a link to Mastery Connect with further instructions to reach out to the teacher for individualized codes.

Will “Text to Speech” extensions work with Classcraft?

Yes, third party “Text to Speech” extensions will work. The Read Aloud chrome extension seems to work the best. (

How will students submit their work or activities through Classcraft?

They could submit work to you via email or even upload in the discussion tab as part of an objective. 

Can students be added to a class if they join the roster at a later time?

They can be added to an existing class at any time. If they switch teachers, they will be able to switch over seamlessly, keeping their avatar and points. 

If a student has to have their computer locked-down, can they still access Class Craft?

            Classcraft will be on the list of approved programs.

Do students need to be logged all at the same time?

Kids do not have to be logged in at the same time. Once a quest is assigned, they can complete it at their own pace on their own time.

How are curricula linked into the quests?

There is no curriculum linked into the pre-made quests. But, you can add a link or instructions to complete curriculum specific work.

How can I adapt a quest for my SPED students?

You can customize a quest to meet your student’s needs, whether that is importing a grade level lower, editing an on grade level quest, or creating your own task material.

Can other teachers award your students points? 

Yes, there are such things as Co-teachers, meaning a single class can have 2 teachers linked to it. But students can be in multiple classes as well, both teachers would just have to upload them into their own classes. Students have one avatar that follows them to whichever classes they are in, even if it is different teachers.

Will this work with only a few students?

Yes, there is not “game play” so students work individually on their own coursework. However, there are features that work better with a large group involvement, for example Kudos.

How can Classcraft best be used in the EPIC model? 

Suggested class setups would be…

-        Homeroom: Houses all your students for classroom engagement and                              community.

-        Individual grade level classes: 3rd, 4th, 5th, so on… so you can assign grade                   specific material/quests to keep up with individual quests.

Are quest activities required to be competed in order?

Students will have to complete a quest in the order of the objectives. The quest reveals the next objective with completion of the previous.

Can different grade levels interact with each other if they are doing different quests? 

They would be able to interact via boss battles, random events, and kudos. There is not “game play.”


Are there grades for quests?

Points are awarded for the completion of objectives and quests. There are no grades associated with a quest, only the task material you put in the task. For example, if you assigned a Study Island practice in the quest, the student would navigate to SI from a link in the quest, then you would check SI for the grade.

What is the difference between a quest and a task?

A quest is made of Objectives. Objectives are made of a story, a task, optional assignment, and optional discussion. (Quest à Objectives à Tasks)

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