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I this set of quests, the students are teleported to Riodan. Here they will explore the village, meeting the Chief of Riodan who happens to be one of the friends dad. They will learn of a corruption that has over taken the land. They will have to decide if this is a mission they will take on against the Chief's orders or not? 

The quests are listed in order of the story. They are designed for standard mastery so each quest covers different topics under each standard. To follow the story, the quests must be completed in order.


G.RL.1 Use appropriate tools and logic to evaluate mathematical arguments.

G.2D.1 Discover, evaluate and analyze the relationships between lines, angles, and polygons to solve real-world and mathematical problems; express proofs in a form that clearly justifies the reasoning, such as two-column proofs, paragraph proofs, flow charts, or illustrations.

G.3D.1 Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving three-dimensional figures.

G.C.1 Solve real-world and mathematical problems using the properties of circles

G.RT.1 Develop and verify mathematical relationships of right triangles and trigonometric ratios to solve real-world and mathematical problems

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